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Allertol The Allergy Drop SolutionAllergy Drops, Not Shots: Simple....ALLERTOL® 


About Allertol Allergy Drops

Allertol is a twice patented allergy drop solution that can provide T-cell immunotherapy and lasting relief of night time nasal blockage, restless sleep, fatigue, recurrent sinus infections, cough, wheezing, throat clearing, reflux, rashes and skin itching, headache /  migraine, IBS diarrhea, GERD, the ear fullness / tinnitus / dizziness of Menieres and Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE).

Allergy drops can also used to treat common airborne allergies.

Allertol contains pure water, glycerin and FDA approved allergy extracts.

Allertol can save money with less need for antihistamines, steroid sprays, decongestants, nasal strips and doctor trips.

Allertol may be a simple solution for your stubborn chronic symptoms.
A visit (in office or Telemed)  is made once or twice a year to evaluate progress.

Provide lasting relief of your chronic problems with Allertol sublingual immunotherapy – not just the symptoms.

  Allergy Drops Allergy Shots
FDA Approved Off-Label Use Yes
Epinephrine? No Must Be Available
Adverse Reactions Temporary Allergy Symptoms Local Injection Reactions,Anaphylactic shock
Route Drop Under Tongue Injection
Duration 3 or More Years 3 or More Years
Frequency Drops 3 Times Daily Shot Once of Twice Weekly
Kid Friendly As Young as 2 Months Not So Much
Indications Airborne and Delayed Food Allergy Airborne Allergies

ALLERTOL is a portmanteau combining the words “allergen” and “tolerance”:  aller + tol.

Allertol is an allergy drop solution that creates immune tolerance.

Fresh from his training program in Galveston, Dr. John P Shea attended a lecture in 1980 presented by the renowned Harvard trained allergist, Dr. Theron Randolph. Presented was the concept of immune reactions to multiple common foods, and the multitude of delayed symptoms that can be produced. He also discussed the oral route for immunotherapy as an alternative to allergy shots. In 1982, Dr. Shea began offering allergy drops to his patients. In 2007, after 25 years of evaluating allergy drops, ALLERTOL was born, providing an allergy drop solution for multiple system symptoms from common delayed food allergies. The ALLERTOL METHOD of sublingual testing and long term immunotherapy using groups of common food favorites resulted in dramatic long term multi-symptom improvement. The food allergy drops reduced need for allergy medications, clinic visits, and sinus procedures.

Allergy drops proved to have many advantages, especially safety, avoiding the need to watch for a  reaction following a shot / have adrenalin available. Also, ALLERTOL drops are great for those with needle phobia, children, and infants.

ALLERTOL for delayed food allergy has helped with nasal complaints especially nasal blockage that worsens nocturnally, deep ear, eye and throat itching; headache including migraine, repeated cough and throat clearing, wheezing; fatigue; skin itching and eczema; Menieres symptoms of intermittent ear fullness, tinnitus, and dizziness, as well as swallowing problems and itching of the middle of the back from Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE). 

Favorites like Mexican and Italian food (garlic onion tomato cheese) are common causes for delayed food allergy symptoms.

Testing for delayed food reactions ("food problems or sensitivities") has been difficult in the past. The “gold standard” has been elimination diets and food challenge. There are no available standard skin or blood tests to detect delayed food allergies.

IgE skin or blood tests can reveal immediate severe, life threatening food allergies.   IgG tests are a needless waste of time and money.  ALLERTOL method is inexpensive, and provides a simple, safe, effective, and shot free method of testing common groups of food favorites.

ALLERTOL is formulated using food allergy extract approved for injection, by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It is used "off - label" as sublingual drops instead of potentially dangerous shots.

ALLERTOL is not used for immediate severe anaphylactic reactions to a single known food such as peanut.  High levels of IgE antibody are associated with these allergies, and can be detected with a blood test.

The World Health Organization has heralded the safety and efficacy of allergy drops, and suggested them as an alternative to allergy shots. The Cochrane review, an independent and respected British study group, has found allergy drops safe and effective. In Europe, allergy drops are commonplace. Physicians in the USA are increasingly adopting Sublingual Immunotherapy.


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